Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

The eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure to restore the eye area, which is particularly susceptible to the natural aging process. External factors such as sun exposure or smoking play a significant role. Many patients often suffer from drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes with excessive skin at a young age. It is precisely these conditions that can lead to significant visual field restrictions, which can be remedied by eyelid correction.

Depending on the individual initial situation and personal expectations, a surgical eyelid lift or non-surgical treatment for eyelid correction can be the preferred method.

Small, simple operations with significant impact:

With just a small operation, the surgeon and his team can remove excess skin, fat, or muscle tissue, making you look as young as you feel and helping you regain a fresh and vital appearance. Both eyes are usually treated in one operation, and the operation of just one eye is rare.

Different reasons for eyelid surgery:

Not only hanging eyelids or bags under the eyes are reasons for eyelid correction, as many people have an asymmetry between the right and left eyelid. The surgeon can also compensate for this deficiency by removing a strip of skin of varying sizes from the right and left upper eyelid. Warts, moles, eyelid weaknesses, scar corrections, or uneven eyelids can also be corrected with eyelid surgery, and in the reconstructive sense, the consequences of accidents, tumor removal, or burns can be eliminated.

Inheritance or Age?

The formation of lacrimal sacs or droopy eyelids can be hereditary due to weak connective tissue. Thus, hanging upper eyelids are not always a result of age, and even those in their early thirties can be affected and suffer from it. However, age also plays a role, and men over 50 often want a lower eyelid correction, particularly in cases with bags under the eyes and excessive skin

Drooping eyelids OP / Remove Tear Sacs:

An upper eyelid correction or lift refers to the surgery of drooping eyelids, while a lower eyelid correction involves removing the tear sacs by lifting the lower eyelid.

Upper Eyelid Tightening:

Drooping Eyelid Surgery: Before an upper eyelid correction, the surgeon draws on the awake patient to indicate how much skin he will remove and where the incisions will be. A local anesthetic is sufficient for the operation. The surgeon then makes the incisions in the natural skin folds of the upper eyelid, approximately parallel to the arch of the eyebrow, and removes the strip of skin several millimeters wide.

Average Time Required for Upper Eyelid Tightening:

Preparation time, operation, and initial follow-up care: As a rule, the pure operation time lasts one to one and a half hours. The patient must arrive one hour beforehand, and the preparation time is 30 minutes. The patient remains in the clinic for a few more hours for a check-up.

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