Hair Transplant Costs

Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey

Many people in European countries are unsure if they can afford a hair transplant or not. Because the procedures are costly and are charged per graft. Let’s have a look how affordable a hair transplant is. The majority of hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer “All Inclusive” packages to their patients. These packages include all essential medications, transfers, and lodging for free, and the price is unaffected by the number of grafts implanted. They also claim that there will be no hidden costs, so there will be no doubt about the access to affordable hair transplant. Hair transplant costs in Turkey are 1/3 to 1/4 of what they are in the United Kingdom or other European countries. The majority of Turkish hair transplant clinics charge between 1.500 and 2.500 GBP for a hair transplant.

Low Cost High Quality

Some people may be hesitant because of the low cost of hair transplant, believing that low cost equals low quality. The exchange rate between the Turkish currency and the EURO, GBP, and USD is one of the reasons why hair transplant costs and other treatments are so low in Turkey. The major reason you can have a high-quality hair transplant and other procedures in a reputable clinic is all because of your financial situation.


The number of Turkish surgeons working in the hair transplant profession has increased dramatically over the last two decades, resulting in greater competition. Clinics consequently reduce their prices as a marketing technique. Turkish doctors and hospitals are known for their expertise and success in performing difficult surgeries. When doing a research, you need to keep in mind that Turkey has long been one of the top destinations for dental, eye, cancer, and plastic procedures. In fact, many years before Turkey became the most popular location for hair restoration, people from different countries had been touring the country with their friends and getting eye laser surgery and dental treatments after a relaxing vacation for the past 20 years.

Why Estexper Clinic?

Doctors and medical staff at Estexper Clinic are very experienced and work quality oriented. Sterilization and hygiene is a must for Estexper Clinic. At the moment you step into our operation rooms, you will know you are safe. Hair transplant results do not appear immediately after the procedure, unlike most other aesthetic procedures. Estexper Clinic will support you throughout this time. Our team of doctors will answer all of your questions and, if necessary, evaluate you.
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