Hair Transplant in Tukey

Hair transplant is one of the methods of eliminating the problem of hair shedding. It is also described as hair transplant. It is the operation of transferring the hair follicles in the body, chest, arm, leg and hair areas, which are more resistant to shedding to hair-shedding area. In the last years, the most permanent solution of hair shedding problem is hair transplant.

Nowadays, hair loss occurs in one out of every 3 men as a serious problem. It is also observed in women, although not at the same rate. Hair shedding leading to baldness can result from many reasons such as stress, affliction, hereditary causes and malnutrition. In addition to these, pregnancy and childbirth can cause serious hair loss in women.

Hair transplant ın turkey wıll Improve your self-esteem and appearance

However, in recent years, hair loss can be cured permanently thanks to the hair transplant carried out by experts by using advanced technologies and new methods. The expertise of the person who will perform the application and the selection of the appropriate method for the needs play an active role in the success of the hair transplant in Tıurkey process which should be carried out in hygienic conditions.

Hair transplant operations are carried out by professional teams at internationally accredited hospitals and clinics specialized in the field of hair transplant. Turkey, the most preferred country in hair transplant operations, welcomes thousands of patients from all over the world thanks to its strategic position, the hospitals with international standards, reasonable costs, highly skilled experts and experienced patient consultants.

What does a hair transplant surgery in Turkey involve?

Before hair transplant, hair analysis is done and the hair follicle (graft) is calculated for the patient to reach the natural hair appearance. Several tests are performed and decision is made whether the patient is suitable for this operation and after that, the donor area where the hair follicles to be transplanted will be obtained is determined. In general, the nuchal region is preferred as a donor site, and the legs, chest and beard area are also considered as donor regions in males. The operation is performed with local anaesthesia. In the region where hair transplant will be done, small canals are opened and hair roots are transplanted. Following the completion of the procedure, the donor area and the transplant area are covered with sterile dressings and the patient is discharged on the same day.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE hair transplant technique is the most preferred and the most successful hair planting operation in the world and in Turkey. In FUE technique, the hair follicles in the hairy donor area are individually harvested and transplanted to hairless site one by one. These procedures are carried out using delicate tools. Unlike other methods, in the FUE method, grafts (hair follicles) are removed from the root level of the skin individually. The scalpel is not used for hair follicle removal, no sutures are made, and no scars are left where the roots are removed. With this application, the person gives only a few hours break from his/her daily life. Duration of FUE procedure ranges between 5 and 8 hours, depending on the size of the hairless area. In the FUE method which is performed with local anaesthesia, the anaesthetic agent is sprayed with pressure without using a needle to the areas where the hair follicles will be removed and hair transplant will be performed.

The first hair washing is done with the recommendation of the doctor 3-4 days after hair transplant. Care should be taken during the postoperative washing process and it will continue for more than 1 month, so it is important to learn the first hair washing correctly. After the first wash, the lotion is left for 30-40 minutes and then rinsed with warm and non-pressurized water.

Transplanted hair begins to be shed after 1 month and hair growth begins 2-3 months later. A year later, completely natural hair is seen. The first wash should be done with a special lotion without damaging the hair follicles to soften the shells of the hair follicles. It is important to make the first wash according to the doctor’s recommendation. It is possible to lose the hair follicles transplanted due to wrong washing.

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