Why Turkey?

Turkey is one of the outstanding countries in health tourism, which has been growing rapidly with the diversification of services. Technical equipment in Turkey is well above the European standards, especially in hospitals offering health tourism, and doctors have the training and experience to perform medical interventions and surgical operations at world-class standards. Furthermore, geographical location and development level of Turkey enabled it to become one of the countries attracting attention in health tourism.

Every year, thousands of people from all over the world travel to Turkey aiming to receive treatment or to benefit from other services related to health tourism. Each year, health tourism in Turkey grows by 6 to 12 percent.

One of the most important reasons for this growth is that medical treatments and surgical operations that require advanced technology can be done in accordance with the European standards and hygiene conditions in Turkey, at much more reasonable prices and without waiting. Turkey has become one of the most preferred health centres in the world thanks to the cost advantage of up to 75–90 percent compared with the USA and 60 percent compared with Europe, mineral and thermal groundwater resources and the presence of 48 JCI accredited health institutions. As an indicator of the quality of health services, Turkey is among the top countries with the highest number of hospitals accredited by JCI.

Turkey has an important geographic location within a 4-hour flight distance of 57 countries inhabited by 1 billion people. Health tourism in Turkey, therefore, is considered a state policy. Turkey’s 10-year investment plan for the future includes health tourism, as the target for 2023 is to provide services to over 2 million foreign patients and to make high-quality healthcare services easily accessible. Thanks to the hospitals with advanced technological infrastructure, physicians, professionals, and experienced health personnel, it is aimed to have each patient return to his/her own country satisfied with the healthcare services. Health tourism in Turkey is based on making the patient feel comfortable and having them return home feeling happy.

Services in Turkey

The services offered to the patients who come to Turkey are not limited to healthcare services only. The teams of health tourism agencies and hospitals dealing with patients coming from abroad organize every detail, from airport transfer to accommodation, from doctor visits to planning the treatment process at the patient’s request. Turkey is notable for its natural beauty and geothermal resources. Turkey ranks first with regard to resource potential in Europe and ranks third with spa treatments. With healthcare services at European standards, thermal waters high in mineral content, natural beauty and mild climate characteristics, Turkey offers service in all areas covered by health tourism and successful results are obtained in medical tourism, thermal tourism, elderly and disabled tourism.

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