Gastric Botox

Another method used in the treatment of obesity is Gastric Botox known as “Stomach Botox“. Botox, which is generally used in aesthetics, is now used in the treatment of obesity and successful results are obtained. In gastric botox application, the patient is sedated and the stomach is entered with endoscopy. Botox injection is then performed on the nerve fibres. In this way, the nerves controlling the sensation of hunger and satiety of the stomach are blocked and overeating is averted.

Patients who do not eat much and who feels satiated quickly lose weight after application of gastric botox. This intervention lasts about 10 minutes and the appetite-suppressing effects begin at day 3. The effect of procedure generally lasts for 6 to 8 months. Obesity surgery is applied to people with a Body Mass Index over 35. It is applied to patients who are close to obesity with stomach botox but whose body mass index is between 27 and 35, who should lose 10-20 kilograms on average, between 18-55 years old, who cannot lose weight despite diet and exercise. After the application, the person is able to return to work on the same day and this also makes gastric botox convenient.

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