Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck vs Liposuction?
Liposuction is a very good surgical procedure when the patient only needs contouring and has good skin tone with minimal stretch marks. If the patient has separation of the muscles, redundant skin and moderate to severe stretch marks, the Abdominoplasty will offer a better result, because it will reconstruct the abdominal wall and will get rid of the loose skin. I also like to do liposuction of the flanks in combination with the Abdominoplasty, to contour the waist better.

Does the surgery leave scars?
All incisions leave scars and this is not different with tummy tucks, but you can expect the scars to fade and become less noticeable with time.

Can Abdominoplasty fix loose belly button?
Yes, I keep the patient’s original belly button, but I do contour it when I relocate it.

Does a male tummy tuck differ from a female tummy tuck?
Most of the male patients that require a tummy tuck have gained and then lost a moderate to large amount the weight or have a ventral hernia that will require the reconstruction of the abdominal wall and the excision of the redundant skin, so the steps are very similar.

Is the Recovery Period Painful?
Your tummy tuck recovery should not be painful, but pain is subjective. Different people will have different reactions to the surgery.
By and large, our patients report the recovery as being tolerable. Patients will feel discomfort in the form of soreness and bruising, but that’s why all patients are given prescription medication. Our patients do report that the tummy tuck feels much less uncomfortable than they anticipated, and many of them switch to over-the-counter medication after several days.


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Tummy Tuck
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Tummy Tuck

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