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Becoming a mother is a blessing and arguably one of the most significant milestones in many women’s lives. However, with the birth of a child, there are at least as many obligations that mothers have to do without. In addition to the time required to show a young being the world, women also put a strain on their own bodies. And these stresses leave visible traces. A Mommy Makeover removes all of these marks in one operation.

A Trend Coming from USA

The term mommy makeover is a trend term from the USA. These are neither new surgical approaches nor methods that are not already known in Europe. Rather, this term describes the desire to find your way back to your old self. After giving birth, many women are dissatisfied with the way their bodies look. Sagging and reduced breasts, stretch marks, overstretched skin in problem areas. In addition, cellulite or other pigment disorders join the list of dissatisfaction. These are the most common causes women have to deal with after childbirth. Most women don’t care about how other people see you. It’s about one’s own dissatisfaction and the natural need to get closer to one’s original, youthful appearance. This trend has also caught on in the press. Unfortunately, many posts on this subject do far too little to address the feelings of women interested in this subject.


The surgery can only be carried out when all the results of the preliminary examination (e.g. blood values) are available and at least 48 hours have passed between the consultation and the date of the operation. You should also note the following:

Taking blood-thinning medication and aspirin is not allowed in the last few weeks of the operation. Consult your surgeon if you are unsure about your medication choices.

The renunciation of drugs Smoking, in particular, greatly impedes the wound healing process and can have a negative impact on your bottom line.

Comply with the allowed period of time for taking food. It is essential that you come to the operation sober so as not to endanger yourself during the general anesthetics.

Remove all piercings, nail polish, and makeup before the procedure.

The Duration of the Intervention

The duration of the procedure can vary depending on the patient and individual wishes. Factors such as the size of the area to be suctioned and the patient’s own fat content play a decisive role. Liposuction can be completed after just 30 minutes, while other areas of the body require an operation of up to 4 hours. If an additional tightening is to take place in the region, the operation can also be extended.

Which Interventions are Performed?

There is no general answer to this question. As already mentioned, the mommy makeover describes a whole pool of possible interventions. Don’t think of this as a general overhaul of your own body. The exact opposite is the case. Because every mommy makeover has to be individually tailored to the patient. Every patient, every mother comes to a consultation with their own ideas. With your own wishes, which must be taken into account. As a reputable clinic for plastic surgery, we must, of course, also take into account the extent to which your wishes are justifiable based on your health. For example, the following procedures are used during a mommy makeover:

Tummy Tuck

The abdominal wall plays the most important role in a makeover. During pregnancy, a woman’s belly performs amazingly well. Even after pregnancy, the body is able to naturally restore its original state. A marvel of nature. But the body also has limits. After childbirth, there are changes in the abdomen. The traces are clearly recognizable, especially after a caesarean section. Stretch marks, a bulging stomach, and love handles are the result. Abdominoplasty is used where liposuction is not sufficient or cannot be used at all. With this procedure, it is possible to penetrate much deeper into the tissue. This also gives you access to deep layers of fat. Through a targeted incision, the surgeon is able to mobilize tissue, remove it, and, if necessary, insert it elsewhere. The excess skin flaps, in particular, benefit from this procedure. This is how stretch marks can be removed or the scar from a caesarean section can be reduced. While stretch marks do not cause any health problems, they are simply annoying from a cosmetic point of view. During pregnancy, the stretching of the skin reaches its maximum limit until it tears. The result is cracks in the skin layer, which appear as stripes. The tummy tuck removes these strips. But tummy tucks are much more extensive. Entire tissue is mobilized, even removed. Ultimately, the region is tightened and deep layers of fat are removed. Goodbye, hanging belly.

Breast Augmentation

Breast shaping is often part of a mommy makeover. It is not uncommon for women to suffer from sagging breasts after breastfeeding. It’s even possible that breasts are smaller than they were before birth. At the same time, for many women, the breasts are a symbol of their femininity. Thus, the breasts benefit from a special role in appearance. By inserting implants, the breasts appear fuller and firmer again. The tissue is stretched by introducing volume. It can also be combined with a breast lift.

Breast Lift

The most common cause of sagging breasts, besides genetic factors, is sudden weight loss. While the female breasts swell during pregnancy anyway, they suffer from enormous stress during breastfeeding. At the same time, women usually lose weight again. Ideal circumstances to promote sagging breasts. Women can counteract this with sport. The aim of a breast lift is to lift the breasts again. This is made possible by removing excess tissue (e.g., skin). The nipples are reinserted elsewhere, resulting in a completely new shape to match your overall appearance. However, we would also like to draw your attention to the risks of a breast lift. As a rule, the functions of the breasts remain unaffected. Even the ability to breastfeed is retained. However, there may be sensory disturbances in the nipples after the operation. In most cases, these sensory disturbances are only temporary. In rare cases, however, they can also persist permanently. Since the nipples are one of the erogenous zones of women, it is particularly important to be aware of these risks.


Love handles are completely natural and can occur in any imaginable area of ​​the body. After pregnancy, fat deposits are also promoted by the sagging skin. In addition to natural causes (e.g. diet, exercise, genetics), hormones also play a role in the development of love handles. Many women are able to regain their old weight. Other women, on the other hand, find the whole procedure a little more difficult. Especially if it is the second or third pregnancy. Liposuction is used when small fat deposits are bothersome. This method can be used on many regions of the body. For example, thighs, legs, and knees, buttocks, or bottom, hip

Intimate Surgery (genital aesthetic surgery procedures)

Many women or mothers also decide to have an operation in the genital area as part of a mommy makeover. We are talking about the labia, which are overstretched, especially after a natural birth, and appear completely slack. Tip: Pelvic floor exercises have a beneficial effect. Women aren’t always bothered by looks. This change is often perceived as disturbing (e.g. when moving). Even physical complaints are possible. Both vaginal tightening and labia reduction and correction are therefore often part of a mommy makeover. Intimate plastic surgery is a very difficult and extensive field, and unfortunately, many plastic surgeons do not provide satisfactory results in this field. In order to save yourself a second intimate operation and unnecessary risks, we recommend that you only seek treatment from a surgeon who can demonstrate sufficient experience.

Is Mommy Makeover a Permanent Solution?

Like any plastic surgery, the results of a makeover don’t last forever. At some point, fat deposits, wrinkles or even sagging breasts can, of course, appear again. Probably never as bad as before the operation, but the possibility is there. Depending on the operation, this effect can set in after just a few years or even decades. You play a special role in this. It is therefore particularly important to experience this plastic surgery again as an entry into a new life, with a new feeling for your body. Take advantage of your new confidence and dare to do sports, avoid stimulants, or even switch to a healthier diet. So, you can be sure that you will feel very comfortable in your new body for a very long time.



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