Six Pack Surgery

Many men associate an attractive body with trained and defined abdominal muscles. Achieving a six pack through physical training usually takes a lot of time that working men don’t have. In addition, the genetic predisposition of some does not favor the development of the muscles. In this case, a six pack surgery delivers a precise and natural result that is tailored to the patient’s body shape.

Well-defined abdominal muscles through six-pack surgery

A perfect six-pack in just a few hours is every man’s dream. Six-pack surgery is therefore one of the most popular treatments in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery for men.

A six-pack operation not only removes excess fat, it also Above all, the definition of the muscles on the abdomen is in the foreground here.

In order to maintain a body shape with a naturally trained six-pack in the long term, many factors must be strictly considered. Therefore, not everyone manages to fully adhere to these criteria in addition to a time-consuming job and family life. In addition, not everyone has the optimal genetic prerequisites for an athletic body. Despite a strict diet and intensive exercise, many cannot get six-pack abs. Aesthetic medicine offers a remedy here with modern six-pack surgery and can give you a completely new attitude to life in addition to a new body shape.

Are you a good candidate for six-pack surgery?

Liposuction: Six Pack Surgery

The treatment for an optimal body shape with minimal surgical intervention is in principle suitable for every patient, since each of us has muscles in the abdominal region. The individual muscle packs are only hidden by the overlying layer of fat.

This treatment is particularly popular with men who have little time for regular exercise. But men with moderate or poor genetic conditions for a defined six-pack abs also come to our clinic frequently. Despite intensive strength training and regular cardio units, they do not manage to maintain an optimal figure and define abdominal muscles. We also look after super athletes for competition preparation. It’s not about forming a six-pack, it’s about supporting the muscles in the strength of the expression. During a personal consultation, since Estexper Clinic offers different variants of the procedure, our plastic surgeon will help you choose the right procedure for you.

Six Pack Variants

Everybody is different in its anatomy and structure. That is why we offer the right treatment for your individual needs.

In this way, only the front abdominal muscles can be defined as desired, or the lateral abdominal muscles can also be treated. Above all, the observation of the surrounding muscles produces a harmonious result. Alternatively, the breast can be treated to achieve a flawless result. For patients with the highest demands, Estexper is the only clinic for aesthetic surgery to offer the Haute Couture treatment. This is a tailor-made solution with the highest possible level of aesthetics and includes exclusive and extensive therapy.

Tightening and Liposuction

For some patients with a very high percentage of body fat, just modeling the six-pack is not enough. Liposuction must therefore be carried out in advance. Patients who come to our clinic after losing a lot of weight often need additional tightening in the abdominal area. In many cases, everything can be done in one operation. For this purpose, the advantages but also the possible risks must be determined and discussed in advance in a conversation. The variant you use is therefore highly dependent on the desired result and the specifics of your body.

The Technique of Six Pack Surgery

The modern VASER technique with a micro cannula is used in the unique liposculpturing method. With the Vaser technique, even the finest muscle fibers can be defined for perfect body shaping. This also leads to an additional retraction of the skin.

The fat under the skin is first suctioned off in a targeted and shaping manner. The fine fascia is then opened. This step is only possible with the Vaser variant. Beneath this fascia are mostly fat pads that are diet-resistant. As a result, many patients never get a chance to achieve significant body contouring.

The fat that is not accessible for normal liposuction is removed. This is followed by the targeted laying of the fasciae to create a definition in the right places. These places are also crucial for the later definition of body shaping. In doing so, the anatomical template of each individual must be carefully considered. Understanding these subtleties makes the difference between a natural and an unnatural result. The Vaser is only there to support and protect the tissue. Because the Vaser system with the special micro cannula, in contrast to conventional liposuction, also works with ultrasound, the fat can also be processed further. However, it should be clear that no fat transfer takes place here. Because fat has a different consistency than muscle and cannot replace it permanently. The fat transfer is only temporary and only to be used for specific indications. The natural muscles are important and decisive. The Vaser method makes it possible to emphasize or conceal certain body shapes and contours. With this technique, the six-pack can be emphasized on the stomach and made clearly visible or redefined.

Optimizing body shape with autologous fat

In some cases, it can make sense to combine six-pack surgery with the treatment of autologous fat. This is especially the case when the abdominal muscles are very weak.

The fat tissue removed can be specially prepared and then injected back into the right places in the stomach. This allows the individual abdominal muscles to be additionally modeled and the body shape to be emphasized more. Because a certain proportion of the injected autologous fat is broken down again by the body, an overcorrection is deliberately carried out here. This allows a particularly beautiful and natural result to be achieved.

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