Thigh Lift

Slim and toned thighs ensure physical well-being. Beautiful legs are eye-catching and make women proud. But what if the skin becomes increasingly slack, unsightly dents form, and the thighs have become a storehouse of fat deposits? Then many women look forward to the next bathing season with unease. A thigh lift can make life beautiful again and provide a new attitude towards life.

Do you want beautiful thighs?

Do you even suffer from regional obesity and sport does not bring the desired change? At Estexper Clinic you will find experienced specialists as well as an outstanding medical offer. “We observe a significantly better body feeling in many of our customers after a cosmetic correction.”

Reasons for a thigh lift surgery

Have you reached your ideal weight and are you sporty? Your stomach is slim and yet you have unsightly dents and large accumulations of fat on your legs. The inner thighs, in particular, are one of those areas that tend to sag quickly. Excess skin on the thighs often causes problems for both men and women.

Why a thigh lift?

  • Excess skin after successful weight reduction
  • Congenital connective tissue weakness
  • Skin tightening after pregnancy
  • The body shapes do not match; one body region has excessive fat; in this case, tightening is frequently performed in conjunction with liposuction.

Thigh lift methods

Tightening the thighs means removing fat cells as well as excess skin. The advantage: stretch marks are also removed. The operation is performed under general anesthesia.

Aesthetic surgery offers a tailor-made solution: the thigh lift. With an incision that begins in the groin and runs through the perineal area to the buttock fold, the specialists tighten the thigh skin upwards. “After a thigh lift, you wear compression pants for a few weeks so that everything can heal properly,” explains our specialist.

How does the thigh lift work?

Thigh lift with a short incision

This technique lifts sagging tissue and reduces wrinkles. The incision is semicircular and is hidden inconspicuously in the crease of the groin. The surgeon pulls up the skin and subcutaneous fat and anchors the fat to a muscular fascia at the edge of the pubic bone. The scar is almost invisible.

Thigh lift with a long incision

This operation makes it possible to remove a large amount of excess skin and make the thighs slimmer. A semicircular skin incision in the groin runs along the inner thighs toward the knee. If it makes sense, the specialist continues the incision in the direction of the buttock fold and can thus also successfully and permanently tighten the region below the buttocks. Sometimes the surgeon makes another incision on the inner thigh.

Thigh lift in combination with liposuction

Combinations are possible, but are often carried out in two stages. If the treatment is carried out in one go, the surgeon makes sure that the fat is only suctioned out outside of the tightened zones, as vessels can be destroyed. It is best to suck the fat in the first step and then do the tightening operation.

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