Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazillian Butt Lift, also called BBL, is a cosmetic surgery to enhance your appearance by improving the shape and size of your buttocks.

Like the breasts, the buttocks are also very important for a woman’s self-image. A round bottom with a so-called “apple shape” is perceived as attractive.

If training or a change in diet don’t help, many are willing to get help with an aesthetic procedure.

With the classic Brazilian butt lift, not only is a pure butt enlargement carried out, but rather the entire figure is modeled.

First, excess fat is removed from the upper and lower abdomen, back, flanks, and waist. The aim of liposuction is to change the body silhouette above the buttocks in such a way that the waist becomes narrower and the roundness of the buttocks is emphasized to the maximum. The aim of liposuction is not only to gain fat for buttock enlargement but also to model the body in such a way that the female silhouette is perfectly emphasized.

After appropriate preparation, the extracted autologous fat is then used to model the buttocks area: on the one hand, the buttocks themselves can be filled in to achieve the perfect apple shape, but on the other hand, the lateral regions of the buttocks are often dented and filled in.

Consultation on BBL with our Specialist

In a comprehensive briefing, the choice of the surgical method and its suitability are first discussed. If the patient meets the requirements for a Brazilian butt lift, i.e., enough fatty tissue, the specific treatment process can be gone through and the risks associated with the procedure can be discussed. An individual treatment plan will be drawn up and the costs will be discussed.

Benefits of BBL Surgery

Not only the bottom is optimized but the whole figure is modeled in order to achieve a maximally feminine silhouette. Since we only work with our own fatty tissue, there are neither allergies nor rejection reactions. The autologous fat also improves the skin quality in the buttocks area. In addition, a permanent result is achieved.

Treatment Process in our Clinic

The Brazilian butt lift is preferably performed under general anesthesia.

In the course of liposuction, the fat that is needed to increase the volume of the buttocks and to create a new shape of the buttocks is first suctioned off. The tumescent technique is typically used for liposuction. A liquid is injected into the appropriate areas before the suction process, which dissolves and loosens the fatty tissue. This makes it possible to gently suck out the fat without injuring the surrounding tissue. Here, the finest cannulas are used, which vibrate permanently.

The autologous fat is then specially prepared for lipofilling

Then comes the actual bottom shaping. With special cannulas, the fat tissue obtained is introduced in a targeted and even manner relatively superficially into the buttocks region until the desired shape and size is achieved. The puncture sites are closed with a wafer-thin suture.

The complete, two-part treatment can take up to four hours in total – depending on the scope of the procedure or the amount of autologous fat removed, the duration of the operation increases.


Already in the operating room, the patient is put on compression pants, which she has to wear for about 4 weeks. After a major operation, you should plan an overnight stay in the clinic. Depending on age, the duration of the operation, and depending on the individual medical history, you can also go home after a BBL. The healing process of the fatty tissue takes place in the first 2 weeks. During this sensitive time, particular care should be taken to exert as little pressure as possible on the buttocks region being treated. This means that you should initially reduce lying on your back and sitting to a minimum in order to keep pressure loads as low as possible so that as much fat as possible grows over time. Special BBL cushions can support sitting during this time.

Who can’t undergo a BBL surgery?

In the case of particularly slim women, gaining enough fat to achieve a satisfactory buttock enlargement is usually impossible. Alternatively, buttock reconstruction with an implant can be considered in such cases; a combination of autologous fat and implant is also possible in principle.

What are the chances of success?

The procedure itself is very simple and almost always successful. The prospects of success in improving your own silhouette only become apparent in the weeks following the procedure. The injected fat is referred to as “healing.” This means that the implanted fatty tissue has to “grow” into place. If this does not happen, the body gradually breaks down the fat cells again. To a certain extent, this is also completely normal. It is crucial that no pressure is applied to the area for the first two to four weeks after the operation (this is when the healing process takes place). For this reason, you will receive compression pants from us immediately after the procedure, and you should refrain from sitting during this time so that excessive pressure is not built up. If this healing time is observed, the buttocks are said to be stable after four weeks. However, the final and permanent result is only visible after 4–6 months.

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