Gastric Balloon

During a simple gastroscopy, the gastric balloon is placed in the stomach and filled with water.

The balloon is inserted into the stomach via the esophagus without surgery as part of a gastroscopy and filled with blue-colored water. Due to the foreign body in the stomach, a feeling of satiety occurs even after a small amount of food has been eaten. The gastric balloon should remain in the stomach for a maximum of six months due to material fatigue.

Use in the Estexper Clinic

Due to the very limited treatment time of six months, the gastric balloon is not suitable for long-term therapy. After removing the balloon, weight gain usually occurs again (the JoJo effect). The balloon is a good interim solution for high-risk patients. The weight reduction reduces the risk of surgery and anesthesia, so that a definitive operation (usually a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass) becomes possible.

How is a the Procedure done?

The gastric balloon is used as an outpatient or short-stay intervention in endoscopy. All that is required for this is a normal gastroscopy. After a short recovery period, they can go home. However, due to the narcotics used, active participation in road traffic is not permitted. If nausea and vomiting occur due to the foreign body in the stomach, inpatient infusion therapy over a few days may be necessary. In a similar procedure, the balloon is recovered six months later.


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